Migros Industrie facts and figures

Migros Industrie is part of the Swiss Migros Group. With its more than 20 Swiss companies and foreign businesses, it produces in excess of 20,000 high-quality food and non-food products. That makes it one of the largest private label manufacturers in the world.


Quality products, Swiss made

Migros Industrie markets in excess of 20,000 high-quality Swiss food products,personal care products and cleaning agents and washing detergents worldwide at excellent value for money. One of its core competencies is the development of private labels. As the industrial group of Migros – Switzerland’s largest retailer – it has close proximity to the market. It sets trends and is continually coming up with new and surprising innovative products and services for its customers. It exports Swiss quality products to some 50 countries. The main markets are Germany, England, France, Italy, Canada, USA and Asia.

Migros Industrie manufactures its products responsibly and sustainably. Wherever possible, they are transported by rail. With a workforce of over 13,950 people, over 500 apprentices in over 30 different trades and professions, it is a major employer in Switzerland.

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