Our history

The founder of Migros, Gottlieb Duttweiler, laid the foundation in 1928, when delivery boycotts forced Migros to establish its own manufacturing network and add to its production facilities. The Migros Group owns Migros Industrie and is its main customer. As the largest retailer in Switzerland, Migros employs over 100,000 people, which also makes it the country’s largest private employer.   

Migros Industrie company film

Growing presence at home and abroad

Migros Industrie has evolved over the decades into a high-performing industrial group. In Switzerland its focus is on potential in the catering industry and convenience stores, as well as within the Migros Group.

Migros Industrie is gradually strengthening its international presence and currently has sales locations and its own subsidiaries in Germany, England, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Canada, USA and Asia. Strategic acquisitions abroad additionally consolidate its presence and position on the market.

Milestones in the development of an industrial group

The subsequent acquisition of SweetWorks Inc. strengthened the market position in North America in the chocolate/gum segment.The innovative joint venture KM Seafood GmbH, a subsidiary of the Micarna Group, is committed to producing fresh and sustainable quality products that are available all year round. Delica launched Total Capsule Solutions (TCS) in Ticino, a subsidiary specialising in the production of private label capsules and development of new capsule products. The M-Industry continued to grow in 2017: Mérat acquired the Ticino fish manufacturer Tipesca, Jowa acquired the bakery Hug, and Elsa acquired Schwyzer Milchhuus. The Mibelle Group's acquisition of the South Korean company Gowoonsesang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. in 2018 strengthened M-Industry's position on Asian markets.

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