Strengths and services

Migros Industrie stays in close contact with its customers and takes its responsibility towards them very seriously. Behind every one of its products and services is passion, skill, experience, the Swiss understanding of quality, and reliability. Migros Industrie is a proven and experienced specialist in the development of private labels and custom products.

Retail expertise
The same goes for category management, marketing and sales, and supply chain management. As the main supplier to Migros, Migros Industrie has extensive specialist knowledge in the retail trade.

Delivery and cash & carry wholesale
Migros Industrie offers expertise in delivery and cash & carry wholesale through the brand Saviva. This gives customers in the catering industry and out-of-home markets access to innovative products and services from a single source.

Migros Industrie core competencies

Two men talking, packet of Total washing detergent in hand, laundry products on the wall in the background.

Mibelle home care product range

On request, M-Industry analyses the customer’s target markets and creates new ranges and products. It employs professional market, customer and competitor analysis to identify opportunities. It works on behalf of its customers to develop market positioning strategies, innovative packaging solutions and attractive communication and sales promotion concepts.
Rows of Risoletto chocolate bars are coated in the machine with another layer of brown chocolate

Risoletto production

Migros Industrie is one of the world’s leading providers of private labels. It manufactures over 20,000 different food and non-food products, which it markets worldwide at unbeatable value for money. Close on 90 years of experience have shaped Migros Industrie unique expertise in the development, production and marketing of private labels.
Man in a Mibelle apron and safety goggles is standing in the lab surrounded by many tiny bottles and jars and sniffing a white beaker

Mibelle testing lab

Innovation is one of the chief drivers behind all M-Industry business. Creating key product benefits for the customer is the top priority in its innovation strategy. Every year, the Migros Industrie companies launch hundreds of new products, including what are known as “new-to-the world products”. Some 200 researchers and developers work daily with the greatest motivation on the technologies, concepts and products of tomorrow. With well-structured processes and excellent interdisciplinary cooperation, Migros Industrie is able to ensure a short time to market. Flexibility is another key factor in the development of new products. By staying close to the international markets, Migros Industrie can respond quickly to new trends in raw materials and merchandise.
Freezer shelves in a Migros store with complete product ranges

Frozen product range

M-Industry experts regularly examine product lines and production processes with the interests of customers and consumers in mind. This drive for innovation leads not only to the development of new products but also to many major and minor improvements. Systematic sales control as after-sales service and ongoing dialogue on product variations and line extensions are an integral part of successfully developing product ranges, as are updates and relaunches.
Jowa baker filling the bread display in a Migros store with fresh bread

Fresh bread from Jowa

As a subsidiary of Switzerland’s leading food retailer Migros, M-Industry understands how retail thinks and operates. This expertise right along the value chain is the best possible basis for developing sustainable and successful customer concepts
Numerous Riseria rice silos lined up in rows

Riseria rice silos

M-Industry knows that an optimised supply chain is key to determining a company’s economic success. That is why it strives with its partners for closely knit, integrated processes. With its professional supply chain management and the latest IT systems, it has the necessary conditions in place to meet that requirement. M-Industry works with integrated solutions to create added value for its customers so that they can operate successfully on the market.
Masses of freshly produced, crispy yellow fries

Vegi-Burger Gyros from Bina

Saviva combines the M-Industry Swiss food service specialists in a single organization. Customers from the restaurant and hotel trade, institutions, catering, and independent retailers benefit from innovative products and services from a single source. The connection between production and trade enables Saviva to deliver a comprehensive range of offerings and solutions for the out-of-home market. The Health Services division offers maximum optimization of internal procurement processes and costs for medical consumables. It addresses hospitals, nursing homes, Spitex organizations, health centers and the medical specialist trade.

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