Quality with a clear conscience

Migros Industrie's understanding of sustainability encompasses the entire value chain: from crop cultivation and procurement of raw materials to processing, consumption and recycling. In doing so, Migros-Industrie strives for closed cycles. The commitment to sustainability is reflected in ecological, economic and social goals.

A clear vision for sustainability

Migros' commitment to sustainability is guided by the Vision 2040. The Vision 2040 sets the long-term direction, for example:
100% sustainable raw materials
100% renewable energy
100% recycling
Migros Industrie has already completed the first stage of targets 2015 - 2020.

Seven target areas along the value chain



Migros Industrie is pursuing further challenging objectives up to 2025 in the following areas: 
• materials and procurement 
• and climate  
• products  
• packaging
• closed loop/recycling 
• responsible employer
• sustainability  management   

The target areas will be addressed with measures by all companies in the Migros-Industrie by 2025.

Certification under ISO 14001

ISO 14001At the end of October 2016, the industrial group achieved certification under ISO 14001. M-Industry is now in a position to systematically ensure that environmental requirements are met, environmental impact is minimised, and every effort is made to continually improve sustainability.

To the ISO Certificates


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