Delica is one of Switzerland’s largest providers of roasted coffee. It processes 14,000 tonnes of raw coffee every year and refines up to 100 tonnes every day. Up to 6,500 tonnes of unprocessed coffee is stored in Switzerland’s largest silo facility.

Swiss coffee roasting
Delica’s three process-controlled coffee roasting houses, each of which provide different roasts, allows it to maintain control over its products – from development to supplying national and international traders. The natural products are purchased worldwide and direct from the source by Delica’s dedicated buyers. That’s how the company provides customers with unique private label solutions from beans to packaging to marketing materials.

High quality
Delica’s quality portfolio begins with the selection of beans. It encompasses 200 carefully selected coffee formulas, available in the form of beans, ground coffee, instant coffee, in pads and in capsules. Their patented capsule system, Delizio (Switzerland) or Cremesso (international), has received multiple awards, especially for its form, energy efficiency and modern portioning system. Their accolades include the Red Dot Design Award and the if design Award. Quality is also ensured by the roasting process, which is long and slow, to tease out even the most subtle nuances and aromas from the coffee beans.

UTZ-certified sustainability

Delica AG has belonged to the Migros Group since 1954. It has been active in the capsule business since 2004 and introduced Café Royal in 2012. Sustainable cultivation and the purchase of the raw materials and commodities direct from the country of origin is a strategy close to Delica’s heart – that’s why they’ve supported the UTZ-certified fair trade programme for sustainable agriculture since 2006.

Delica AG

Product range

Small piles of coffee beans and scoop, colourful coffee capsules against a white background



  • Coffee beans
  • Ground coffee
  • Capsule coffee
  • Instant coffee
  • Decaffeinated coffee
  • Capsule brewing system
  • UTZ/Fair Trade
  • Organic


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