Meat, poultry and fish

Over two million consumers in Switzerland enjoy many meat or fish products from Micarna every day. That means that one in four people in Switzerland today will eat chicken wings or a juicy steak from one of the Micarna Group companies.

High quality standards
The companies of the Micarna Group work with the most modern production facilities and according to the highest hygiene standards. Product safety and safety at work are other central concerns. The companies are committed to animal welfare and low-stress animal transportation. They ensure that the origin of every product is traceable every step of the way.

Strict animal welfare standards
The Micarna Group is committed to ensuring healthy farming practices for all animals. It works very closely with its Swiss producers. Around 80 per cent of all Micarna products come from Swiss farms. Seven out of ten animals are additionally what are known as label animals. That means they are subject to even stricter animal welfare standards than prescribed under the Swiss Animal Welfare Act. By international comparison, Switzerland already has very strict animal and environmental protection regulations, which is a sound basis for development and marketing of an environmentally and socially compatible range of products.

Micarna Group

Product range

Cervelas, raw ham, shrimp



  • Fresh meat
  • Poultry
  • Charcuterie
  • Grisons speciality products
  • Convenience products
  • Seafood


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