Milk and meat substitutes

Along with dairy products, Elsa specialises in vegan soya delicacies. The company has been producing tofu for over 20 years. Soya products are an ideal alternative for people with a lactose intolerance or who enjoy a vegetarian or vegan diet. Over the years, Elsa has developed expertise and production facilities in this market. This expertise provides a perfect complement to the company’s dairy activities, as they involve similar technology.

Producer of milk and meat substitutes
Elsa takes the same care in the manufacture of soya products as it does with other product types. For example, it only uses organically-grown soya beans. Elsa’s soya product range includes soya milk, soya milk fortified with calcium, natural tofu and tofu with herbs.

Elsa-Mifroma SA

Product range

Clear broth with diced tofu in a white bowl with a white spoon; jug and glass with soya milk, soya beans in front as decoration



  • Soya drinks
  • Soya cream
  • Tofu
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