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In the summer, Armando Santacesaria will replace Walter Huber as the Head of M-Industry and will in future be responsible for the production of more than 200 Migros own brands.


M-Industry 2018: Pleasing Growth Thanks to International Business

In 2018, M-Industry generated consolidated sales of CHF 5.829 billion (prior year: CHF 5.905 billion). The decline is attributable to the loss of revenues following the sale of Cash+ Carry Angehrn (CCA). Excluding the effect of this sale, growth of CHF 155 million (+2.7%) was achieved. In its international business, M-Industry increased sales by CHF 79 million (+10.9%) to CHF 807 Mio. Adjusted for the sale of CCA, sales in the Swiss market likewise grew to CHF 5.022 billion (+1.5%).

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M-Industry 2017: Solid Growth Thanks to International Business


M-Industry had revenue of CHF 6.520 billion in 2017, which represents growth of CHF 132 million (+2.1%). Its international business grew by double digits, increasing by CHF 112 million (+14.1%) to CHF 901 million. The Swiss market rose slightly to CHF 5.618 billion (+0.4%) thanks to acquisitions.

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Today, M-Industry is entering into a further cooperation with China’s largest consumer platform, Tmall, an online marketplace for brands and retailers owned by Alibaba Group. M-Industry is appearing on the Tmall Global platform under the brand name «Orange Garten».

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M-Industry has entered into a partnership with the Chinese e-commerce platform NetEase Kaola. M-Industry is selling a selected assortment of Migros products on Kaola under the name "Orange Garten".

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After eight years as Managing Director of Jowa, Marcel Bühlmann will start his well-earned retirement at the end of the year. Otmar Hofer, who is currently Managing Director of Bischofszell Food, is to take up the reins at Jowa, with Beat Welti taking over his role at Bina.

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M-Industry 2016: Strong growth in international business

M-Industry’s sales rose by CHF 134 million (2.1%) to CHF 6.389 billion in 2016 (previous year: CHF 6.255bn). At overall growth of CHF 109 million (16%), its international business grew encouragingly. Despite the challenging domestic market, M-Industry increased its sales by CHF 25 million (0.5%). Targeted acquisition both at home and abroad strengthened its market position.

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M-Industry 2015: Sales increase by 4% despite challenging market conditions

In 2015, M-Industry generated sales of CHF 6.255 billion (compared to CHF 6.016 billion in the previous year), representing growth of 4% despite challenging market conditions. Targeted acquisitions consolidated its market position both at home and abroad. Despite the strength of the Swiss franc and increasing pressure on the Swiss market, M-Industry demonstrated a growth of 0.8% in real terms.

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M-Industry takes advantage of growth opportunities to achieve revenue increase of 4.4%

M-Industry took advantage of growth opportunities in its foreign and domestic target markets, generating more than CHF 6 billion in revenue for the first time in 2014. Revenue increased by 4.4% to CHF 6.016 billion (compared to CHF 5.763 billion in previous year). Organic growth amounted to an encouraging 3.1%. International business showed a significant increase of 22%, to a total of CHF 626 million (compared to CHF 513 million in the previous year).

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